Hamilton Credit Repair leverages your rights as a consumer to contact the credit bureaus and individual creditors and remove questionable negative items from your credit report.
If you are struggling with debt and need relief, you may qualify for an assistance program that can have you debt free in as little as 24-36 months without going through bankruptcy.
Your credit score is determined by a proprietary mathematical formula. The most commonly referenced is the FICO credit score, which is considered the industry standard.
Our Debt Reduction Program can help you reduce your debt, decrease the amounts you owe, and become debt free with just one low payment each month. If your credit score is down, our Credit Repair Program is the simple and effective way to legally restore your credit rating with all three major credit bureaus.

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consumer credit repair Did you know that a poor credit score can prevent you from getting a car, a home or apartment, insurance, a cell phone or even a job?
Hamilton Credit Repair can help protect your rights under the law in order to improve your credit score.
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